Life is short, the Art long, opportunity fleeting, experience treacherous, judgment difficult.
The physician must be ready, not only to do his duty himself, but also to secure the co-operation of the patient, of the attendants and of externals.


Healthcare Safety and Accountability

Healthcare Safety and Accountability (HealthCSA) is a key reference organization for the study and the development of mechanisms and processes that are involved in the interpretation, evaluation and improvement of the professional healthcare responsibility and accountability, healthcare safety, healthcare reliable organization, systems of quality in which professional of excellent clinical competence manage the intrinsic risk of their profession caring for the patients.
The medical and scientific knowledge and experience, together with the medical-legal skills for the interpretation and evaluation need to be actively integrated in order to determine an efficient proactive and responsible healthcare management.
HealthCSA has strong interdisciplinary skills in the fields, avail the collaboration of the best experts in the fields of healthcare, management, forensic, legal and insurance sectors.
Relevant activities are carried out in the training and professional development, consulting services that enhance the scientific and organizational skills.
HealthCSA is associated with the Healthcare Accountability Lab, Forensic Medicine and Insurance Section, Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health, University of Milan, Italy.
HealthCSA is working with the University of Milan to organize the University Master's Degree of 2nd Level in “Healthcare Accountability Management”. The Master is based on interdisciplinary education open to all professionals who interface with healthcare responsibility.
The Master provides effective tools and methods for interfacing with the ranges of interpretation and evaluation of healthcare responsibility/liability/accountability, through an interdisciplinary curriculum that allows the participants to develop strategies to assess risks, liability and damages in the organizational, forensic and insurance activities through lectures, training and application of case studies.
Seminars, practical exercises, laboratory workshop and internships will be held both at the Departmental Section of Legal Medicine and the Healthcare Accountability Lab of the University of Milan, both in Hospitals and Healthcare Institutes, Insurance Companies and well-known Brokerage and Law Firms with recognized activities in the professional healthcare accountability.
HealthCSA is active in the fields and disciplines of specialization like Professional healthcare Responsibility / Liability / Accountability; Forensic Medicine and Insurance; Risk management; Clinical management of healthcare facilities; Safety in Healthcare; Privacy, informed consent; Quality healthcare system; High Reliable Organization; Professional healthcare education and training; Development of human competence for professionals; Development of technical skills for healthcare professionals; Regulations and laws.
Our activities are aimed at specialist doctors, healthcare professionals, researchers and all those involved in medicine and health, clinical and translational research, healthcare administration and legislation.
It is our goal to establish and share a common ground for healthcare professionals, researchers and scientists from multidisciplinary background to establish international collaboration and partnership with Universities, Medical Research Institutes, Hospitals, Scientific Societies, School of Law.
Collaborative initiatives intend to create synergies and develop a new sustainable paradigm in healthcare, creating high reliability organization, in which competent healthcare professionals operate aiming towards high quality excellence, sharing a culture of safety and responsibility.

We invite everyone to collaborate and to send feedback, comments and contributions to, the Society is always willing to consider partnership and collaborations.

Healthcare Safety and Accountability
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